Spiritualities of Life
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Spiritualities of Life: New Age Romanticism and Consumptive Capitalism

ISBN: 978-1-4051-3937-3


 1 From the Romantics The Repertoire.
 2 Wellbeing Spirituality Today.

 3 The Debate.
 4 The Language of Consumption and Consumeristic Aspects of Mind-Body-Spiritualities of Life.
 5 The Sacred and the Profane Spiritual Direction or Consumer Preference.
 6 The Matter of Personal Significance Profaned Superficiality.
 7 Work Consumptive or Productive.

 8 A 'Fag Ending' of the Sacred or Fit for the Future.
 9 Inside Out.

 Epilogue Birthright Spirituality Beyond the West.
 Appendix Evidence Indicative of Inner Life 'Beliefs'.
 Name Index.
 Subject Index Some Main Themes and Arguments


"A welcome contribution to many areas in the study of religion and culture … .An alternative to the popular idea that everything within the New Age can be denounced as simple individualist consumerism."
 -00 (Reviews in Religion and Theology, January 2010)

"[Heelas] convinced me, a skeptic when encountering his book, that new age philosophies are more complex than their American Journal of Sociology critics allow."
 - (American Journal of Sociology, November 2009)

"Heelas' style is, as ever, measured, elegant and good-humored, and this book will undoubtedly appeal to, and be accessible to, those outside the academy who are interested in religion and culture, and who might wish to think through the changing spiritual landscape in Britain today."
 - (Theology, November 2009)

"His emphasis is on inner-life spirituality or simply 'spiritualities of life,' rooted in a universal human potential and developed by a variety of effective practices. [He] makes plausible the importance of holistic forms of complementary and alternative medicine. Recommended."
 - (CHOICE, November 2008)

"Well prepared after his path-breaking books The New Age Movement (1996) and The Spiritual Revolution (2005, with Linda Woodhead), Paul Heelas now bravely enters the minefield. Tracing the trajectory of spiritualities of life from the Romantics to contemporary wellbeing culture, he convincingly critiques the widespread tendency to depict them as 'mere consumption'. Well written, clearly argued, and richly documented, Spiritualities of Life sheds light on contemporary spirituality and consumer culture alike."
 –Dick Houtman, Erasmus University, the Netherlands

 "This is an engaging and lively discussion about the nature of spirituality in contemporary society. It shows Heelas at his best - original, creative, imaginative and searching intellectual questions."
 –Jeremy R. Carette, Kent University

"Paul Heelas' work in charting the subjective turn in contemporary spiritualities has been one of the most important contributions to the field of the sociology of religion in the past decade. In Spiritualities of Life, Heelas offers a passionate defence of this spiritual movement, and argues that it represents a viable moral and cultural resource for the modern world. By positioning himself as an advocate of the movement that he has traced so effectively, Heelas poses questions about the nature of the good life and contemporary forms of the sacred that no serious scholar of religion can afford to ignore."
 –Gordon Lynch, Birbeck College, London

"The quicksilver shape of popular spirituality today is hard to hold in focus… This sharp-eyed, sure-footed book is equal to the task, and unequaled in its revelations of a God within the unbounded self of an expressive humanism that embraces all of life."
 –Steven M. Tipton, Emory University

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